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SAT OCT 28 @




Memorize as much of the dance as you can, using our YouTube lessons.  You don't need to know it perfectly or completely to join in.



Although it's not required, almost all of our participants dress up for the event.  Copy a zombie  look from the iconic Thriller video or create your own.  We'll have makeup artistS on hand if you need a little help.  Makeup artists will charge a small fee ($3-$5) to cover supplies.



Please don't forget to fill in a registration form/waiver at the event.  You won't count towards the world record unless you do.  If you're under 18, you must have a parent/guardian sign a waiver, which you can get HERE or at the event.



We hope to have all participants registered and practicing an hour before the record attempt.



Anyone can join in the dance, but we love being watched too.  The more, the merrier.    



Our event is free for everyone.  But if you can afford to, please bring non-perishable food items for the Food Bank to collect.  



Tell everyone!  

Our 2017 Thrill event will take place on Saturday October 28th.  Southcentre Mall will be our host venue again, with a 3pm start time.


Thousands of other people in cities around the globe will perform the dance with us, at exactly the same second:  a worldwide coordinated effort.




Anyone can join our attempt to break the World Record (for largest simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller') by learning the dance with our free step-by-step YouTube tutorials.


There are no age or dance skill requirements. It's all about having fun and taking part.




Thriller participants (and spectators, too) are asked to bring non-perishable food items for the Calgary Food Bank.


We are also a PartcipAction Teen Challenge event, promoting unique ways for young people to get active; and to tackle the obesity epidemic in Canada.


How do I join in?

When/Where is Thrill 2017?


Thrill The World is an annual simultaneous world-wide dance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”  


There are Thrill events in most major cities, from London to Tokyo;  Paris to Rio;  Sydney to New York City.  Vistit Thrill The World's international site at ThrillTheWorld.com to find details.  


Each year, the goal is to set a new world record for numbers of people dancing Thriller.  The current record is the 2009 event -- the year Michael Jackson passed away -- with 22,923 participants, in 264 cities (including Calgary) from 33 countries.


Thrill The World was started by dancer Ines Markeljevic in Toronto in 2006.  Calgary joined the movement in 2009 with an event at Canada Olympic Park, sponsored by ScreamFest.  Our 2010 event was sponsored by Calgary Downtown Association and held on historic Stephen Ave. 2011 through 2013, sponsored by William Joseph, were held in Eau Claire Market.  In 2014, Southcentre became our new home base!



Anyone can take part in Thrill the World here in Calgary.  It's free to participate, it's open to all ages, and there are ONLY THREE STEPS needed to join the movement.


1.  Learn the dance.

2.  Sign a registration form/waiver at the event.

3.  Thrill the world.


However, to enjoy the full Thriller Night experience -- e.g. dressing as a zombie, supporting the charity, etc. -- take a look at our checklist.

Who can take part?

What is Thrill The World?

Participant Checklist

How do we support charity?

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How to get to our TTW host venue


Thrill The World takes place in Southcentre Mall's Inner Circle (Centre Court).  Click on the map for interactive directions.


BY CAR:  The mall is located at 100 Anderson Road SE.  Anderson is easily accessed from Deerfoot Trail and Macleod Trail.  There is ample parking.  


BY C-TRAIN:  Southcentre Mall is connected to Anderson C-Train Station by a pedestrian walkway.  Anderson Station can be accessed on the Red (south) C-Train line.   Connections from other lines can be made downtown.


BY BUS:  Many bus routes (including the #10) stop at Southcentre and Anderson Station.  To find the best route from your location, use the Calgary Transit trip planning tool HERE.


ON FOOT:  Just remember, zombies walk sloooooooooowwwwww...






Need a waiver? Click here